The Penguins are on their Way


Most strategic analysts believe that the impending penguin assault has been triggered by the partial collapse of the Larsen C ice shelf. Others think that the collapsing ice might be some sort of ice-based weapons technology, possibly developed with assistance from North Korea. While the prospect of a giant amphibious assault ship made of ice is certainly terrifying, we should remember that previous attempts to construct such ships have failed.

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Nuclear Friday: Icebreaker

Almost every field of scientific research was considered relevant to the Cold War, including climate science. Some of the best data about changes in ice coverage and thickness in the Arctic comes from the US Navy. Careful study of the Arctic ice became relevant with the development of submarines powered by nuclear reactors and closed […]

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Nuclear Friday: The Roof is On Fire

This week The Board recommends kickin’ it Old School with Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three. Some younger folks might instead have thought of this song, but The Board is as much about nostalgia as that Bloodhound Gang song is, so I recommend finding inspiration in the original, just like they did. Almost no one would have even […]

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Kitty Loves Dubstep

Cat videos: I think that’s what we all need in these trying times, and I’ll post video in a moment. I took a blog vacation last week due to family medical problems and general despair about the Inauguration of our new Emperor. On top of that, my ten year old un-updatable MacBook died last week. […]

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Nuclear Friday: The Three Carbons

Carbon, atomic number 6, has three naturally occurring isotopes with atomic masses of 12, 13, and 14. The relative abundance of these three isotopes in a sample of material can reveal many secrets. We can tell how fusion works in stars from carbon isotopes. Carbon can reveal the source and age of organic molecules. Carbon can tell […]

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King Canute Came to Texas

In the story of King Canute and the Waves Caunte demonstrates his piety before the power of God and the sober recognition of his limitations by having his throne carried to a beach at low tide and commanding the sea not to get his robes and feet wet. Of course, the rising tide covers his feet and […]

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