Propaganda Cat

Tweet this to Trump.

This is not an actual North Korean propaganda poster, though it is based on a real one. The story behind the slogan can be found here.

Yesterday’s missile test has not yet been mentioned on our new Emperor’s Twitter feed. He had more pressing issues to comment on, such as Ivanka’s clothing line.

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Capitalist Christmas

Folks liked my post with Hannah Fry presenting her deranged permutation solution to the Secret Santa problem, so here she is as a guest on Matt Parker’s Standupmaths channel presenting her insights on optimal strategies for Christmas Monopoly games. She’s done a full Markov chain analysis of Monopoly and has confirmed cruder analyses of Monopoly and has […]

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Music From Machines

In a video I posted a couple of weeks ago about the physics and biology of pitch perception, Vi Hart mentioned that she sometimes hears bits of music in background noises. I do this too.  There are interesting intervals and occasional chords coming out of our machines. I used to have an inkjet printer that played four notes […]

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