Nuclear Friday: Is Japan Ready?

As you might imagine, the Japanese public is quite troubled about the current situation between North Korea and the United States. There was similar concern during the last stand off between North Korea and the US which was just last Fall, but the Japanese government did not consider that situation serious enough to issue Civil […]

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Nuclear Friday: Korea!

In just a few days the world might be as close to seeing the intentional use of nuclear weapons as it was in 1962. Of course, the stakes are not nearly so high now as they were during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Rest easy, readers of The Board, a global scale exchange is simply not […]

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Nuclear Friday: Standoff Range

The Long-Rang Stand-Off cruise missile¬† (LRSO) is the second most controversial part of the Obama-Era Stockpile Stewardship nuclear weapons program. I suppose I should say it’s by now the most controversial program because the B61 Mod-12¬†program is nearing completion. The Air Force has a pending order for the system and is scheduled to decide between […]

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Nuclear Friday: Icebreaker

Almost every field of scientific research was considered relevant to the Cold War, including climate science. Some of the best data about changes in ice coverage and thickness in the Arctic comes from the US Navy. Careful study of the Arctic ice became relevant with the development of submarines powered by nuclear reactors and closed […]

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