Nuclear Playlist: Join In

My aging secondhand laptop is just one step away (I hope) from becoming a functional computer compatible with the WordPress editor. The Board will be back to its old self at that point. It has to be. August is coming, and there are two very important anniversaries in August. Until then I’d like to post a […]

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Nuclear Friday: Ma Bell’s Missiles

Remember Ma Bell, the government regulated family of companies affiliated with the old AT&T? I remember when you couldn’t buy a telephone. You leased a phone from your regional Bell affiliate. And that phone had heft. Phones with names like “Princess” and “Trimline” felt like weapons. That’s appropriate, because Ma Bell fought hard in the Cold War. ABM: So, your enemy has […]

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Nuclear Friday: Bombs Aloft

Dropping bombs is always tricky. Accurate bombing is always difficult, which is why bombing never became the decisive war winner in WWII it was predicted to be back in the 1930’s. And bombing is expensive. Aircraft and pilot training are expensive compared to the amount of damage bombing can do. Nuclear weapons alter the balance […]

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