It Was Cats All Along


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Nuclear Friday: Thrust Issues

I’ve always been a fan of clumsy yet effective workarounds to address technological limitations. One of the clumsiest was JATO, Jet-Assisted Take-Off. That name confused me when I first learned it. It’s not really a jet at all, it’s just little rocket motors stuck onto an aircraft to help it take off. But there wasn’t really much of […]

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Nuclear Friday: Refueling

Metaphors based on military technology sometimes enter popular usage and we forget their origins. Folks used to say “recharging my batteries” back in the late 20th century without knowing that the term came from WWII submarine crews. Diesel-electric submarines of that era had to surface and run their engines on full to recharge their batteries […]

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Our New Feline God


If you’ve read a lot of 70s-80s sci-fi and fantasy you can tell this is Boris Vallejo without even looking at the signature. A bit of Google reverse image searching let me find out this the art for the novel Godsfire, by Cynthia  Felice. According to this article the cover art is an accurate representation of the story. Humans have feline overlords. I have no idea whether the person who used this image to make it into a “What Liberals Want” meme variant meant it as parody or not.

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