Music From Machines

In a video I posted a couple of weeks ago about the physics and biology of pitch perception, Vi Hart mentioned that she sometimes hears bits of music in background noises. I do this too.  There are interesting intervals and occasional chords coming out of our machines. I used to have an inkjet printer that played four notes […]

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Nuclear Friday: Mach 2 Turkeys

The B-58 Hustler was the fastest turkey ever built. There have been crazier and costlier aircraft, but the Hustler wins the title for top turkey of the Cold War because it actually made it to operational service between 1960 and 1970. During those ten years, 22% of the aircraft were lost to accidents and systems failures. It was […]

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The End of Keystone XL

With current political changes, the Keystone XL pipeline is likely to be approved for completion. Much of the opposition to Keystone focuses on environmental risks posed by the segment from the Canadian border across the Great Plains. Property rights are also an issue. Much of the opposition to Keystone centered on heavy-handed use of imminent domain […]

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Nuclear Friday: Stellar Chemistry

No nuclear weapons today since everything I think about nuclear policy may soon be wrong. Instead, we’ll take a look at star stuff. When Carl Sagan said “We are made of Star Stuff” he meant that the common chemical elements of life, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and all heavier trace elements, were forged in the cores of long […]

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Grasping at Straws

The “Five Stages of Grief” model may not be entirely accurate, but I’m bargaining like hell right now. Perhaps it’s just denial. The Grandcamp is on fire and somehow I’m imagining it’s just another fire.  And I still think there simply has to be some little switch that saves the day. Isn’t there a little switch? By Wednesday afternoon lots […]

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Nuclear Friday: Broken Arrow

We are in the midst of the most serious national crisis of my lifetime. I couldn’t think of of what would be appropriate for this week’s Nuclear Friday post until I checked my bookmarks before work this morning and remembered there was some interesting nuclear news from November seventh, when the world seemed like such a […]

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