Selling Satan on Cassette

I wasn’t the church-going kind of kid, but the devil-fightin’ preachers of the¬†late seventies and early eighties still managed to reach me. They had a powerful tool, the cassette tape, and earnest¬†young teen followers fighting to win the world for some strange kind of Christ. End Times prophecy and Satanic conspiracies were everywhere. As someone […]

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Kitty Loves Dubstep

Cat videos: I think that’s what we all need in these trying times, and I’ll post video in a moment. I took a blog vacation last week due to family medical problems and general despair about the Inauguration of our new Emperor. On top of that, my ten year old un-updatable MacBook died last week. […]

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Looking for Rat Park

We’ve all heard the stories about how lab rats will do almost anything to get drugs. If allowed to self-administer drugs they are addicted to, rats will choose dosing themselves instead of socializing with other rats, or even eating. Some rats even die from personal neglect. The implications are clear, kids. Not even once, or […]

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