Kitty Loves Dubstep

Cat videos: I think that’s what we all need in these trying times, and I’ll post video in a moment. I took a blog vacation last week due to family medical problems and general despair about the Inauguration of our new Emperor. On top of that, my ten year old un-updatable MacBook died last week. Could have bought a new one if I hadn’t had to buy a new car last summer when my old car slowly died from getting flooded. Last projections I saw for climate change predict that East Texas (which is already very rainy) will get rainier. I am prepared. I bought two of those little tire ramps and a panel of thick plywood. If it rains this this year like it did last year, I plan on using the ramps and the wood to jump my car over the concrete ledge around my complex’s playground. It did not flood. Others will be free to use my ramp, there’s room for about twelve cars there.

Of course, under the new regime all communication about climate from NASA and NOAA is now strictly forbidden. Let us only hope that our brave patriotic scientists will start a samizdat network. In just a few days, it has almost become that bad.

But this post was supposed to be about cat videos. Cats! We all love CATS, or at least I do. Cat videos used to make me kind of depressed last year. I have mourned since then and am now able to enjoy cat videos again. In fact, I’m hoping a cat will come my way.

So here’s a cat dancing. Really dancing and responding to the music:

This cat looks like she’s on a hallucinatory trip attempting to touch with her paws things she imagines in her mind. That’s an important hint to what’s going on here. The video title translated from Russian is simply the Russian word for “cat”, and “кот” pretty much sounds like “cat” in English and the rest of the title is “and subwoofer”. The Russian word for subwoofer is simply a Cyrillic transliteration of the English term.

Cat hearing goes down to about 50 Hz, but their hearing is poor under 200 Hz. Cats can obviously hear under 200 Hz because they growl at each other at around the central B of the Pink Floyd “Money” bassline . Humans have full range bass hearing down to 18 Hz and can hear 12 Hz under ideal conditions.

So what is this cat hearing from the subwoofer? Probably almost nothing. But look at her whiskers. Notice she has them twisted forward as if she is catching prey? She moves her paws as if she expects to touch something. I think she is feeling inaudible bass with her whiskers and trying to touch what her whiskers tell her should be there. Whisker receptors are partially connected to the visual system of a cat’s brain.

This cat is truly tripping to the bass.



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