The Activism Single: Sun City

This seemed to be an eighties thing. I suppose it hit the big time with Do They Know it’s Christmas from Band Aid. That was followed up by We Are the World by USA for Africa. Frankly, these songs were musically lame, and neither of them challenged the political foundations of the problems they addressed. But there was a lesser […]

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Nuclear Friday: Salting the Fields

Last week I wrote a bit about radiological terrorism and dismissed it as not very dangerous. But there have been have been proposed nuclear weapons that used radiological contamination as an intentional means of killing, and that could render the areas attacked unusable for decades. This is similar in effect to the story of the […]

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We Know It’s Shameful

In about 24 hours from when I post this, there will very likely be another execution in Texas. How many is that for the year so far? I don’t know, but it’s probably not the first  even though it’s just early March. You just tend to lose track. And it’s easy to lose track. You never […]

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Nuclear Friday: Isotopes

There was this really incredible TV show once. You probably remember it. Highest ratings ever for any live television event. The producers spent less than a million dollars and had no pre-event hype to boost viewership. It aired live on almost every channel, and was considered so compelling that a lot of stations showed nothing but […]

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