Good Luck, We’ll Need It

  After the way 2016 has gone, I plan on eating extra black eyed peas tomorrow. We’re going to need all the good luck we can get. The Internet is unclear on how the black eyed pea became associated with good luck on New Year’s Day. I think the story about Sherman’s March is not […]

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Nuclear Friday: The Three Carbons

Carbon, atomic number 6, has three naturally occurring isotopes with atomic masses of 12, 13, and 14. The relative abundance of these three isotopes in a sample of material can reveal many secrets. We can tell how fusion works in stars from carbon isotopes. Carbon can reveal the source and age of organic molecules. Carbon can tell […]

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Grasping at Straws

The “Five Stages of Grief” model may not be entirely accurate, but I’m bargaining like hell right now. Perhaps it’s just denial. The Grandcamp is on fire and somehow I’m imagining it’s just another fire.  And I still think there simply has to be some little switch that saves the day. Isn’t there a little switch? By Wednesday afternoon lots […]

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King Canute Came to Texas

In the story of King Canute and the Waves Caunte demonstrates his piety before the power of God and the sober recognition of his limitations by having his throne carried to a beach at low tide and commanding the sea not to get his robes and feet wet. Of course, the rising tide covers his feet and […]

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A Fortress in a Pirate’s Kingdom

There are two major approaches to dealing with global warming, mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation is the effort to reduce the effects of future climate change by reducing the drivers of climate change. It’s probably what most of you think of when you think of solutions to global warming.. Mitigation includes replacing high emission sources of […]

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