A Fortress in a Pirate’s Kingdom

There are two major approaches to dealing with global warming, mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation is the effort to reduce the effects of future climate change by reducing the drivers of climate change. It’s probably what most of you think of when you think of solutions to global warming.. Mitigation includes replacing high emission sources of […]

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Nuclear Friday: Pseudohistory

You’ve heard of pseudoscience, now get ready for pseudohistory. I think pseudohistory is just as harmful as pseudoscience. Many of my fellow Americans seem pretty well informed about the decision to use atom bombs on Japanese cities. Their analysis of the matter may┬álack depth, as I have pointed out, but the facts they know are […]

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Why is there Music?

We’re not fooling around today. It’s time to get to the bottom of this. Music is universal to all human cultures. And more than that, there is a broad range of agreement across cultures about what music should be made of. Some intervals of tone are considered pleasant across all cultures and some scales, ways […]

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Nuclear Friday: How Low Can We Go?

Nuclear weapons are uniquely destructive. Nothing we’ve ever made can cause so much death and destruction so quickly. And under some conditions nuclear weapons can render land uninhabitable for years. It would be better if there were fewer of them. So the question is: How low can we go? I think this video accurately explains […]

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Uncovering the Cover

Whether you love or hate cover bands, they are a necessary part of the culture and economics of live music. They help beginners develop skills and keep professionals in their top form. More importantly, cover bands keep the idea alive that live music is important and show the next generation that it is possible to […]

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Nuclear Friday: The Zero Option

The Zero Option sounds like the title of a Cold War thriller with┬ásomething as threatening as the shrouded and guarded Pershing II missile in the background image being fired in a risky attempt to destroy Soviet Command and Control capabilities during an implausible NATO/Warsaw Pact throwdown. In reality The Zero Option is much less menacing. […]

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