What are they Doing to this Plane?


What do you think they are doing to this B-52? What do you think that scaffolding is made out of? What else does this structure remind you of? Leave a comment or ask a question. Humorous comments welcome. If you already know what this is, but have questions about this subject, just ask.

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Nuclear Friday: The Homeless Missile

The LGM-118 turned me into a serious amateur student of arms control theory and nuclear strategy. The controversies surrounding its development and deployment between 1979 and 1986 prompted the first really serious public discussion of nuclear weapons policy since the early sixties. And there were protests. LGM-118 was met with as much public opposition in […]

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The Penguins are on their Way


Most strategic analysts believe that the impending penguin assault has been triggered by the partial collapse of the Larsen C ice shelf. Others think that the collapsing ice might be some sort of ice-based weapons technology, possibly developed with assistance from North Korea. While the prospect of a giant amphibious assault ship made of ice is certainly terrifying, we should remember that previous attempts to construct such ships have failed.

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Nuclear Friday: Panic Mode

Just a short video and commentary post this week. It’s been a rough one. Got to meet the Death Nurse this week. At least that’s what I call her. The point of home hospice care is to keep my dad out of the hospital. That means you can’t call 911, because they’d take him to […]

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Nuclear Friday: It Came from Kwajalein

If you follow defense news you probably noticed that there was an important successful test of the long-awaited midcourse-intercept exoatmospheric kill vehicle. The EKV was  the payload of a Boeing designed Ground Based Interceptor launched from Vandenberg AFB in California. After being accelerated to tremendous speeds to the edge of space, the EKV intercepted an inert […]

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