Backyard Atomic Science

These are conditions that regulatory agencies never envision. It’s simply presumed that the average person wouldn’t have the technology or materials to experiment in these areas. State and local governments in the US employ specialists and maintain the equipment to safely handle minor cases of the release of radioactive materials. But sometimes these specialists, such […]

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Nuclear Friday: Korea!

In just a few days the world might be as close to seeing the intentional use of nuclear weapons as it was in 1962. Of course, the stakes are not nearly so high now as they were during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Rest easy, readers of The Board, a global scale exchange is simply not […]

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Selling Satan on Cassette

I wasn’t the church-going kind of kid, but the devil-fightin’ preachers of the late seventies and early eighties still managed to reach me. They had a powerful tool, the cassette tape, and earnest young teen followers fighting to win the world for some strange kind of Christ. End Times prophecy and Satanic conspiracies were everywhere. As someone […]

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Propaganda Cat

Tweet this to Trump.

This is not an actual North Korean propaganda poster, though it is based on a real one. The story behind the slogan can be found here.

Yesterday’s missile test has not yet been mentioned on our new Emperor’s Twitter feed. He had more pressing issues to comment on, such as Ivanka’s clothing line.

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Nuclear Friday: Toys for Trump

Last week The Board took a look at Trump’s Christmastime Tweet that the United States should strengthen and expand its nuclear forces. As I pointed out that since Trump has never issued any official position papers on nuclear policy there is simply no way to understand what he means by this. And in a telephone […]

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