A Reminder About Allies

An ally is not a friend. An ally doesn’t even have to like you very much. An ally doesn’t have to support all your goals. They may even dislike some of your goals. An ally can be someone you harmed at some point, or someone who harmed you. An ally can be someone who gave […]

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Is “Trans”Predicative?

“Trans women are women!” they say. Not everyone agrees, but wait a minute? Aren’t trans women a subset of women just by the structure of that sentence itself? After all, “Black cats are cats” is true just by virtue of the conceptual connections in that sentence. And it really does seem to work like that […]

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Bathroom Defenders

I’ve seen all kinds of nonsense in comment threads in some of the places I hang out. Folks somehow think that North Carolina’s recently passed HB 2 somehow requires that there be some kind of guards at restroom doors who will check either ID’s or undies. I don’t really think they believe this, but they do like […]

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Oklahoma Sexology

Recently on a Noted Scottish Blog we were discussing stories of our grandparents in the comments. I wrote a little bit about about my mother’s family during World War II in Oklahoma. That discussion got me thinking about another story from Oklahoma, a story about how people in that community thought about sexuality and gender. You […]

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Magic Potions

I was reminded yesterday that very intelligent people can come to believe that there are such things. I’m not nearly as bright as the person who reminded me of this, but I know a magic potion when I see one. I’m talking about puberty blockers, of course. The way a lot of people talk about them […]

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