Nuclear Friday: Is Japan Ready?

As you might imagine, the Japanese public is quite troubled about the current situation between North Korea and the United States. There was similar concern during the last stand off between North Korea and the US which was just last Fall, but the Japanese government did not consider that situation serious enough to issue Civil […]

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Nuclear Friday: Polonium

I’ve written before about the strengths and weaknesses of radioactive materials as a terrorist weapon, but what about using radioactive materials as a tool of assassination? Turns out there aren’t very many good options. Any material that would be deadly in a single dose would be difficult to acquire and most would present a serious risk […]

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Nuclear Friday: The Three Carbons

Carbon, atomic number 6, has three naturally occurring isotopes with atomic masses of 12, 13, and 14. The relative abundance of these three isotopes in a sample of material can reveal many secrets. We can tell how fusion works in stars from carbon isotopes. Carbon can reveal the source and age of organic molecules. Carbon can tell […]

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Nuclear Friday: Poetry SLAM

The mid 1950’s to early sixties were the glory days of American nuclear experimentation.  Almost any application of nuclear weapons that could be thought of would be investigated. And not just with a mere concept review. No, the nuclear labs and their affiliates in universities and industry received the funds and personnel to realize their creative […]

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