Nuclear Friday: Polonium

I’ve written before about the strengths and weaknesses of radioactive materials as a terrorist weapon, but what about using radioactive materials as a tool of assassination? Turns out there aren’t very many good options. Any material that would be deadly in a single dose would be difficult to acquire and most would present a serious risk […]

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Nuclear Friday: Star Wars Legacy Systems

As I pointed out two weeks ago, Reagan’s legacy vision that ballistic missiles would become “impotent and obsolete” wasn’t practical. It wasn’t a threat to nuclear stability either, as some of its critics claimed. Nor was it the program that won the Cold War, as Reagan’s idolators claim. Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative found itself without a purpose after the […]

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Sackcloth and Ashes

Fifteen years is long enough. It is time to put away the sackcloth and ashes, time to dismiss the professional mourners. It is time to leave the solemn ceremonies to those who personally experienced loss. Let them mourn alongside those who understand, while the rest of us leave them in peace. National trauma, politicized trauma, […]

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Nuclear Friday: Isotopes

There was this really incredible TV show once. You probably remember it. Highest ratings ever for any live television event. The producers spent less than a million dollars and had no pre-event hype to boost viewership. It aired live on almost every channel, and was considered so compelling that a lot of stations showed nothing but […]

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