What’s so bad about Essentialism?

“Essentialist!” I see that word thrown around in conversations about gender like it automatically ends a discussion. But why? I would think that just being essentialist doesn’t automatically mean you are wrong. Don’t you have to show that something is both essentialist and wrong? Nevertheless, there are good reasons to be suspicions of essentialist claims. This […]

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Nuclear Friday: Good Advice

It’s never wrong to seek every advantage, however small, in the face of gravest danger. And it’s never wrong to help people survive however impossible the odds may seem. This is not silly, unrealistic, or pointless. This film certainly would have helped save lives if the unthinkable happened. That was true in the fifties when […]

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Dance to the Euphemism Tango

“Euphemism, we see, renders neutral terms pejorative.” as Quine said. This is usually called the “euphemism treadmill”, though Quine does not use that term himself in his discussion of euphemisms in Quiddities. It’s a great metaphor, but this post isn’t about metaphors. I think the terms “sex” and “gender” have both gone for a run on […]

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