Selling Satan on Cassette

I wasn’t the church-going kind of kid, but the devil-fightin’ preachers of the late seventies and early eighties still managed to reach me. They had a powerful tool, the cassette tape, and earnest young teen followers fighting to win the world for some strange kind of Christ. End Times prophecy and Satanic conspiracies were everywhere. As someone […]

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Magnetic Memes

I suppose this isn’t so much of a thing anymore, but “Fuckin’ Magnets: how to they work?” This line from Insane Clown Posse’s late 2009 song “Miracles” somehow from among all the other ridiculous lines in the song  became a meme  in the atheist activist community back in 2010. I came across an instance of the “magnets” meme just […]

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Sentenced to Hell

This has been a pretty terrible day. Someone has been sentenced to hell today, and it’s not me. I had to leave work early today because my mom called me from my dad’s pulmonologist’s office office saying that my dad was going into the hospital. He’s had a chronic lung condition for the last 50 years, […]

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