A Metaphor

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Nuclear Friday: Not Quite Ballistic

Two weeks ago The Board promised an investigation of the warhead maneuver capabilities of the RS-24 Yars (NATO designation SS-29) missile. Russia has promised that this missile will be able to defeat any defensive capabilities that are likely to become available within the next twenty years. As I explained, no currently deployed defensive system is […]

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Kitty Loves Dubstep

Cat videos: I think that’s what we all need in these trying times, and I’ll post video in a moment. I took a blog vacation last week due to family medical problems and general despair about the Inauguration of our new Emperor. On top of that, my ten year old un-updatable MacBook died last week. […]

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Nuclear Friday: Toys for Trump

Last week The Board took a look at Trump’s Christmastime Tweet that the United States should strengthen and expand its nuclear forces. As I pointed out that since Trump has never issued any official position papers on nuclear policy there is simply no way to understand what he means by this. And in a telephone […]

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