An Odd Gendercritical Ally?

I came across this on my YT feed. Not sure whether I’d like this dude if I met him:

I have watched a few of his other videos and I can’t endorse his channel. He’s obviously very intelligent, though he lacks depth of analysis. But damn, watch this video. He gets the lesbophobia of the Cotton Ceiling just about right and presents it in a way that shows the trans movement is opposed to the interests of lesbians and gays.

I can’t recommend other videos on his channel except for this one which takes down Salon’s staff pedophile‘s articles. He even goes into the history of how pedophiles tried to piggyback on the gay rights movement back in the seventies. He crushes them, and crushes Salon. Very good, but watch other videos on his channel at your own risk.

The On The Offensive YT channel is an excellent example of how the world is not divided up into Good Guys and Bad Guys. The world is much more complex.


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