What are they Doing to this Plane?


What do you think they are doing to this B-52? What do you think that scaffolding is made out of? What else does this structure remind you of? Leave a comment or ask a question. Humorous comments welcome. If you already know what this is, but have questions about this subject, just ask.


7 thoughts on “What are they Doing to this Plane?

    1. You are correct, but it’s some very special electrical testing. The plane doesn’t just need to be not grounded, too much metal in the area would be dangerous. Any ideas?


      1. Those aren’t guy wires, are they? They’re testing what electrical fields it can handle. Probably because of high altitude EMP effects of nuclear weapons, judging by this blog. 🙂

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      2. We have a winner. This is the famous Trestle EMP simulator near Kirtland AFB. It’s been abandoned since 1991, but still stands to this day.


    1. Well, there are some possible electrical discharges involved, but they would be happening inside the plane and caused by something outside it. That’s why there’s all that wood. It wouldn’t be safe to do what they are doing with a large metal structure around. Next week’s Nuclear Friday will delve into the mystery of heaviest wooden structure ever built.

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