Christmas Cheer


I’m late. It’s already Christmas in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Except Kwajalein. That’s among the last places on Earth it will be Christmas since they moved it to the other side of the International Date Line from the rest of the Marshalls back in the sixties. Well, they didn’t move Kwajalein, they moved the line. You probably understood that, but in case there’s some Computer AI reading The Board I thought I should be more clear. AI’s are easily confused.

I am sure that most people are so burned out on Christmas music by now that you don’t want to hear any more. I can only ask that you give Christmas music one more chance. These guys are worth it:

I really wanted to see the Red Army Choir back when I was a kid. Alas, I never got a chance because they were banned from entering the US after the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. All Nixon-era cultural exchange programs were cancelled.

If The Red Army Choir’s Jingle Bells can’t cheer you up at least a little bit, then this is the song for you:

Culturcide is certainly not for everyone, but if you are intrigued, be sure to check out their magnum opus; Tacky Souvenirs from Pre-revolutionary America. 

And there’s still time to get in on the Cold War nostalgia of the NORAD Santa Tracker. I had no idea is was still around. I remember when it used to be on the radio.

So, Merry Christmas or whatever. I really hope that those of you who are stressed this Christmas as I am can find some holiday cheer from the Red Army Choir. And if not, there’s always Culturcide.



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