Capitalist Christmas

Folks liked my post with Hannah Fry presenting her deranged permutation solution to the Secret Santa problem, so here she is as a guest on Matt Parker’s Standupmaths channel presenting her insights on optimal strategies for Christmas Monopoly games.

She’s done a full Markov chain analysis of Monopoly and has confirmed cruder analyses of Monopoly and has gone beyond these studies to do as much for Monopoly as math can do:

Many people feel that Monopoly is a terrible game that breaks friendships. I’m sorry, I think the game you’re thinking is Diplomacy where cooperation and betrayal are necessary for victory and cheating is legal. If you think Monopoly is a horrible game, it was developed from a game that was intended to be a socialist tract. Somehow the original lesson became lost.

And if this Tuesday Christmas post is too capitalist for you, here’s Communist Christmas. Kittens!


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