Magnetic Memes

I suppose this isn’t so much of a thing anymore, but “Fuckin’ Magnets: how to they work?” This line from Insane Clown Posse’s late 2009 song “Miracles” somehow from among all the other ridiculous lines in the song  became a meme  in the atheist activist community back in 2010. I came across an instance of the “magnets” meme just a few days ago. I was inspired to have a look at the full video and listen to the full song. I think it’s catchy and well composed:

The song came to the attention of the atheist community because it’s a typical example of creationist reasoning that asserts that somehow the world is for us and about us, and made by some being that is somehow mindful of us. And it also contains the classic complaint that attempting to understand the world through science removes the sense of wonder that it part of  the full range of emotions that a fully realized person ought to have.

So how do magnets work? Turns out there are there are no easy ways to answer that without becoming enmeshed in the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. I’ll let Richard Feynman explain, or not:

I am not the first to make the connection between the magnets meme and this video. As far as I know, former BBC producer Christopher Sykes, who recorded this interview with Feynman for Horizon, first made the connection and used it to boost views on his Youtube channel. I like Feynman’s answer, and as always the case with Feynman, I don’t think you can say he  lacks emotional depth.


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