Class Reunion

At work we always say we would be out of business if the 2003 film School of Rock had never been released. There are so few movies that are both good clean fun and also well written and directed that just about every kid has seen it since its release. School of Rock was a manifesto against the monolithic pop star and producer driven music of our time. I think many fewer kids would  still want to learn how to play instruments if there were no School of Rock. 

In 2013 Jack Black and the kids from the cast had a reunion at the Gibson showroom in South Austin:

I’m lovin Rebecca Brown’s Gibson bass. I can’t tell the exact model but since this is in the Gibson showroom, I’m sure it’s high end. I’ve mostly stuck to instruments in the Fender family, but I’ve played a few Gibsons and they do have nice necks and balance.

Here’s the cast at rehearsal performing together for the first time in ten years:

I love how well written this movie is. So many things could have gone wrong with this movie, but writer Mike White delivered a perfect screenplay. The characters are stereotypes, but not so flat that we don’t empathize with them. Part of that is good acting, especially from Joan Cusack but maybe I’m biased since I’ve followed her career since My Bodyguard. I’m not usually a fan of Jack Black, but this film was written to work perfectly with his style. And good performances from the kids too.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it. Just imagine what a mashup of a 1940’s “Let’s put on a show!” B-movie musical and Yo La Tengo’s Sugarcube video and you’ll understand how it just might be the movie that saved rock.

Also, since it’s the holiday season, if you have any questions about gift ideas for kids who want to rock, ask in the comments.



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