When We get Older, And Stop Making Sense

The new thing on The Board is Musical Monday. Each week I will post some music related to my experiences of the prior week. As some of you may know from prior posts, my dad is terminally ill. This Musical Monday is about taking my dad to get his car inspected on Friday. I had volunteered to take the car by myself, but my dad wanted to come along, and he wanted to drive. I tried to explain that there was no way the car would fail inspection and that he should just give me his credit card and I would take care of it. That wasn’t going to happen, and he was going to drive.

My dad is still pretty sharp when his oxygen levels are high, and we packed oxygen for the trip. But I knew at least one or two things would go wrong. It wasn’t so bad, he gassed back up while we were waiting for the inspection, and we got to Kroger to get the sticker. I managed all the paperwork he couldn’t manage. Good thing I was there because he thought we had to go to the court annex to register as the sticker was past due. He forgot we still were within the one-month amnesty period and could just get the sticker at the store. Then he forgot the store would not take credit cards for state transactions. It’s cash or debit card only. We had gone to the bank to withdraw cash for just this reason as the first step of this trip just an hour earlier and that he had five 20’s in his wallet.

I was reminded of the lyric from “Girlfriend is Better” by The Talking Heads: “When we get older, and stop making sense.”

Because this is The Big Board, there’s only one clip from Stop Making Sense I could ever post “Life During Wartime”:

What a joyful performance of such an ominous and creepy song. I wanted to see this tour as my first major concert as a teen, but I couldn’t quite swing it. I had to settle for Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense a year later. There was no rush, it showed at the midnight movies as long as there still were midnight movies.

As a bass player, my only disappointment with this film is that there are not enough closeups of Tina Weymouth’s left hand. So here’s her left hand:

Tina Weymouth of the Talking Heads, August 1983, by Anastasia Pantsios, on display in Girls on Film: 40 Years of Rock, at Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University, Jan. 25-May 25. The traveling exhibit from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum features 43 photographs by Pantsios. /// - FEATURES - Photos by Anastasia Pantsios

And back in the 80’s I noticed that the poster art and live album cover reminded me of something. Does this:


Remind you of THIS?


Was Jonathan Demme paying tribute to the Greatest Film of All Time? Was he scamming it? Nope; Demme hired Strangelove art director and opening credits director Pablo Ferro to do the opening credits for Stop Making Sense, as well as album covers and all promotional art.

It all loops back around to Dr. Strangelove in my life.


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