Nuclear Playlist: Join In

My aging secondhand laptop is just one step away (I hope) from becoming a functional computer compatible with the WordPress editor. The Board will be back to its old self at that point. It has to be. August is coming, and there are two very important anniversaries in August. Until then I’d like to post a few songs about nuclear weapons. Please post your own favorites in the comments.

I will start with the earliest song from the US that I know of that mentions nuclear weapons in a negative way.

That’s from a 1958 Smithsonian Folkways recording. Pete Seeger sings “while the old FBI watches me” indicating there was a fairly active protest movement against nuclear testing. I can find little record of it. If anyone knows about it or has earlier songs, please let me know.

Here’s a gloomy favorite from the 80’s. I remember this from the winter of 87/88. Captured the mood of the times perfectly. And I lived up up north where it actually snowed at the time this song came out:

Back in the eighties I thought Shona Laing was just a one hit wonder. I did not know until much later she was a young songwriting sensation in New Zealand back in the seventies.

There were a ton of songs about impending nuclear destruction in the eighties. I won’t be posting any of the obvious ones, that’s your job, in the comments.

Here is a pretty obscure song that got some commercial airplay in the US right before an important 40th anniversary:

He’s Canadian. While Canada had no strategic nuclear weapons, Canada was (and is) home to missile tracking radars. At least a few nukes are going into Canada. And at the time Gary O wrote the song, Canada still had Genie.

So please everyone, join in. Post anti-nuclear songs from wherever you are.



3 thoughts on “Nuclear Playlist: Join In

  1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes. Still one of my favourite tracks EVAH. (The bassline! My god, the bassline. IIRC the record company got Ian Dury’s band The Blockheads to do all the sessions for the album apart from the vocals because FGTH couldn’t play their instruments very well :D)

    I always love the video too.

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    1. Great choice. I remember the short-lived prime of FGTH. I figured they had session players, but I didn’t know it was the Blockheads.

      Here is a gloomier song from a couple of years earlier. A munitions loader said on a forum once that this song was quite popular at his SAC base.


  2. Not a protest song like the Pete Seeger one in the post, just some classic Delta blues from 1951. Very sarcastic treatment of fallout shelter construction, and some mention of the draft taking Americans overseas:


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