The Rage of Jesus: Daniel Berrigan

I think sometimes if people read my Nuclear Friday posts they think I am some kind of pro-nuclear weapons freak. Absolutely not. My admittedly morbid interest in nuclear weapons came to me as a way of coping with my awareness of the possibility of nuclear destruction when I was ten and concern about the stronger nuclear posture the US took after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. I was scared, so I started learning. I explained all this in my very first Nuclear Friday post. Click on the “Nukes” tag to see.

I am not a Christian, nor have I ever been a Christian. The one aspect of Jesus I have ever been attracted to is his rage to overturn systems. I do not believe salvation by faith makes sense. And The Bible suggests that faith is useless and works prevail in a few places. Matthew 25 seems to say that service, works, and even revolution are necessary for salvation, and that those who served in this way and knew nothing of Jesus will be saved. Revelation 20:13, popular at burials at sea suggests that our works save us.

Daniel Berrigan had the rage of Jesus. I remember when he and others broke into a General Electric factory and damaged MIRV nose cones. I saw it on the news as a kid. If this were a Nuclear Friday post I’d have to say whether it was the new Trident I cones, the M-2 to M-3 MIRV cones, or even cones for the developing MX. I don’t care.

I don’t believe in heaven, but if Daniel Berrigan is judged by Jesus, Berrigan will get in easily. Raging against mass slaughter greater than what happened to Sodom and all the plagues of Egypt means something.


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