We Know It’s Shameful

In about 24 hours from when I post this, there will very likely be another execution in Texas. How many is that for the year so far? I don’t know, but it’s probably not the first  even though it’s just early March. You just tend to lose track. And it’s easy to lose track. You never see any coverage about an execution on the news. There’s certainly no live coverage. They don’t cut into Wheel of Fortune to announce that the condemned has been pronounced dead.

But wait a minute, there is live coverage of every execution. Execution Watch covers every execution live from Huntsville, Texas on KPFT radio. You can listen a digital feed from either link. They won’t actually be in the death chamber, but just across the street. Most of the show is from KPFT’s studio in Houston because there’s not really anything to see in Huntsville. But they do switch to the Huntsville reporter as soon as they know anything.

Tomorrow’s execution is scheduled for 6:00-7:00 PM CST tomorrow, March 9th. That will be midnight to 1:00 Thursday morning GMT.

So why is it that the only media outlet covering executions live is a Pacifica network station with not that large a media presence? Why, if the death penalty has such public support is live coverage left up to death penalty opponents? I think there’s only one answer: We are ashamed. 



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