Sentenced to Hell

This has been a pretty terrible day. Someone has been sentenced to hell today, and it’s not me. I had to leave work early today because my mom called me from my dad’s pulmonologist’s office office saying that my dad was going into the hospital. He’s had a chronic lung condition for the last 50 years, but it was only formally diagnosed ten years ago. This condition will be part of what kills him, and it might be soon, but after today I think not real soon. At least not next week or so.

My mom needed someone to be home when the oxygen delivery came to her house this afternoon and then someone to get her home after my dad finally got admitted. OK, not a problem, the luthier was in the shop, his daughter was coming by after school and she basically works for free and is happy to cover the front. Really all I do on Tuesdays is work on my all-bass arrangement of WIndy. Trust me, it’s easier to sell an instrument if the customer has to interrupt you while you’re playing at a room filling volume with headphones on while hooked up to a laptop with mixer software on the screen. Instant authority.

So, I bailed off work and drove quite a ways to their house, and was there when the oxygen came. But here’s the problem and where the sentencing to hell comes from. My dad drove to the lung doctor and then to the hospital with my mom as the passenger because my mom  has recently become unable to drive because of retina detachments. Sure, she passed her last eye exam at the DMV, but only because I in jest sent her a video about how to pass the exam and she did it for real and got her renewal. She has not driven in  four years.

And that’s a problem. Car is there and can’t stay there. Needs to get back to my parents’ house. I am at parents house and can’t drive there and drive their car back because then my car would be there, which would also be a problem. Solution? WALK. But this is outer Houston suburbia, built for CARS in the 60’s-80’s on an artery/subdivision model, not a sensible pedestrian friendly grid model like all of the Inner Loop and much of the older suburbs. And often no sidewalks along those artery roads. Even though every crosswalk has wheelchair ramps and signals. Awesome ramps at the crossings that lead to NOTHING. Well, at least there are well worn dirt trails.

No biggie in theory, only five and a half miles to the hospital. I am a power walker, I can do that in just over 45 minutes. But I knew what was coming. Yep, class-based STREET HARASSMENT. If you’re a white dude walking on a dirt trail along a six-lane artery, someone is going to honk, and if the weather is nice, they will also yell out the window. And the weather was very nice today.

And this is almost totally a white on white thing. I’ve asked Asian and Latino friends over the last thirty years and they say they’ve not been harassed much. It’s almost like white folks are comfortable with Mexicans and Vietnamese treading the dirt. Shows the natural order of things. But a white dude is a shame on the race.


In Matthew 25:40-45 Jesus says that he will send to Hell anyone who has not tended the sick, fed the hungry, visited the lonely prisoner, or clothed the poor. If you have OMITTED from doing that, Jesus sentences you to HELL. He sentences to HELL even people who helped him in his own life, but did not help others. Jesus HATES those who do not help the unfortunate, how much more dues he hate those who honk or yell at those who walk the dirt trails? YALL ARE GOING TO HELL. Confess your sin and offer help next time. I would totally have accepted a ride from those proto-fratboys in the Camaro or those girls in the Impala. Those girls had a Jesus fish on their bumper, but Jesus says you are Hell-bound for honking and yelling. Do not rely on what your pastor said about faith and grace. Matthew 25 says you are going to HELL.

Why the fuck am I going on here when I am not, nor have I ever been a Christian? Who the fuck cares? I know their Bible better than they do.

But mostly I am posting this because I think my dad might not check out of the hospital alive. He probably will, but I’m not sure. And I bought a couple of 40’s after cooking a good dinner. I just started the second one.


7 thoughts on “Sentenced to Hell

  1. Ugh. You have my sympathy.

    When I see a white man walking (or worse, bicycling) through that sort if area not designed for it, I assume he’s lost his license because of DWI, not that that excuses that kind of behavior.

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  2. If I saw anyone walking where people don’t normally I would think they wanted the exercise or perhaps couldn’t afford to drive. Or the bus broke down and they couldn’t wait. (This happens in Scotland :)) At any rate it would never occur to disrespect them! I am sorry to hear this, comrade.

    I get street harassment now and again as someone who looks very, er, lesbian. I normally find it a bit amusing because they say things like “Ye big fuckin lesbian!” Which is not only not imaginative it’s a good thing. Lesbian fucking is actually a positive 🙂

    They don’t mean well though so I know how you feel. Especially with the worry about your dad. I hope all goes well for him, or as best it can, and for you too.

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    1. Thanks for your concern. I saw my dad after work this evening. They ran tests all day and we’ll find out what’s going on tomorrow. There’s some talk about being discharged on Friday, so I expect the news will be good. Best thing would be that what seems to have been a steep decline was actually the result of pneumonia from an infection, rather than a worsening of his pulmonary fibrosis. If so, he could get back to being as healthy as he was a few months ago.

      My mom is getting some help from a friend, so she’s OK and I can finish out the week at work.

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  3. I’m glad you were able to get time off work to help your folks.

    Also, of course you know the Bible better than ‘Christians’. Because people like that probably wouldn’t still be Christians if they knew how hard it actually is. 😛

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    1. Thanks for your comment on my first drunk post. I had good luck that my second teaching appointment canceled on me before I canceled on him this morning. I got my dad home at 4:30. My bro and his wife are coming down tomorrow and are stopping off to bring some of the best smoked brisket ever. I called them yesterday and told them what was up in terms my mom might have hidden from them. My dad’s pulmonologist had given strict “no ventilator” instructions in accord with a discussion my mom and dad and I had a year ago. I just thought they should know.

      As for Christians, there is plenty of evidence in the New Testament that Jesus does not give a shit about faith. WORKS are what show that one shall be saved. And that includes political work.

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